Well, OK, the bridge is a real bridge. But none of the stonework on this bridge is real. The Community Bridge mural project transformed this plain concrete bridge in Frederick, Maryland, near Washington D.C., into the stunning illusion of an old stone bridge. The entire structure was painted by hand by an artist and his assistants, using advanced trompe l'oeil ("deceive the eye") techniques. What is perhaps most unusual is that the bridge contains ideas, symbols and stories contributed by thousands of people from all over the community, across the country, and around the world. These co-creators have made Community Bridge an inspiring symbol of common ground.

The bridge has many unusual features and symbols, and its imagery is rich with stories. There is an archangel whose appearence is even more deceptive than the bridge, and a fountain that real birds occasionally try to land on. In this web site you can explore the story of Community Bridge. You can also learn how you can become a co-creator with the muralist. He is still asking for creative ideas from visitors to this site, and he wants your idea as well.

The five-year Community Bridge project culminated recently with an extraordinary celebration event featuring multimedia, music and dance.

Call 301-228-2888 for directions and more information on Community Bridge. The completion of Community Bridge signals the launch of the the next large-scale public artwork. Your participation will be invited. Watch this site for details, coming soon.

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