A Few Selected Symbols (Depicting the Spirit of Community)

Almost a thousand ideas so far from all kinds of people are included in Community Bridge as about one hundred (painted) stone carvings, including, perhaps, yours. This is not a competition. Objects are selected by the artist at his sole discretion. He is looking for ideas that:

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"One hand means everybody" Queena Smallwood, 10 ("going on 11"), student

Neverending Knot

"This knot reminds me of the spirit of community for many reasons: because it represents a continuum, it closes the loop, it's like a hand-off from one to the other. It is like a spiral, always overlapping, yet it never ends. It is a symbol of energy."
Thomas Sterner Also: Alicyn Cratty

"No matter how different two people are, they will always have something in common and if they are together enough, their seemingly different ideas and views will merge into one." M.E. Shaffer, 16, High School Student also: Mike Stitely

"The Frederick Fair is a good symbol because all different kinds of people are invited; not just one kind of person is invited. … Frederick is a large farming community so they show the different kinds of animals we have in Frederick County. At the Frederick Fair they show different kinds of ways we celebrate like when we have the Demolition Derby, fireworks and country music stars. The Frederick Fair is the largest event in Frederick County every year." Alicia Daly Student also: John Lewis, June Mitchell, Paul Shakel, Amanda Simon, Nancy Tolson

"A glance at a falling star inspires in everyone a sense of hope and faith in the power of a divine spirit to enhance our world, our community. Our wishes as we blow out the candles on a birthday cake or capture a fleeting glimpse at a falling star represent our community's ability to dream and imagine a place enhanced through our collective vision." Jonathan Moore Warner, 34, Broker Dickerson Also: Susan Csonka, Broker Dickerson, Larry Johnson, Nicholas Meadows

"The spirit of community is a sense of sharing and intimacy among those with common challenges. Enclosed is the logo for the Frederick County Commission for Women. The thistle - sometimes tender, sometimes prickly - grows undaunted all over the county." Sandra West, Myersville

"The chameleon has the ability to alter to suit its needs. A community should be able to change in order to suit the needs of the people involved." Julie Oldham, 16, High School Student Ijamsville

"The children's hand-play sequence 'here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door and see all the people.'" Lori Fraind

"The Drinking Gourd (Big Dipper) pointed to the North Star - the star runaway slaves followed to reach freedom - a star of hope. The collective and courageous determination of those who operated and traveled on the Underground Railroad to assure the same opportunities and rights for all humans exemplified the 'spirit of community.' That spirit needs to be revived in today's society. I hope future generations will be able to 'follow' the Drinking Gourd on Community Bridge." Rose Chaney, Teacher Also: Joyce Kenner

"The flower petals stand for the different parts of community who are all gathered in the center and all have one stem that allows them all to grow as one but also separately. It also stands for the beauty of community."

Amanda Worrell, Middle School Student Also: Dolores Allnock, Joe Bailey, Patricia Chambers, Linda Fairfax, Sariah Glesenger, Amber King, Jacob Kisser, Jennifer McGraw, Archana Patel, Tania Zdanova

"Each individual thread is fragile and delicate; intertwined, each thread is a critical part of the whole which is strong and flexible." - Marie King, 34, mother and volunteer

"Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself."

Chief Seattle also: Ian Mendez, Jessica vanDervant

"In the alphabet you have to have all the letters to make it work. It's the same with community."

Christa Cochran, 12, Middle School Student

"Even though I attend the majority of Bluegrass events alone, I feel like I am part of a family with the others in the audience. our common love for the music makes it easy to have conversations with total strangers." - Jacklyn A. Rissmann, 38, Administrative Secretary

"I have made musical instruments for past 20 years but it wasn't until I moved to Frederick from Indiana that I found so many music-centered people. Bluegrass, rock, gospel, country all can be found in Frederick. You must include something on the bridge about music. I vote for bluegrass." - Tim Myers, 39, Quality Assurance Manager

"The sweet people in the community." - Howard Young, 15, High School Student

"Because they are sweet and they come in bunches." - Joe Gill, 11. also: Sarah Cramer

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