A New Perspective
This feature - a special type of perspective painting called an anamorphic projection - is on the bridge wall immediately adjacent to The Delaplaine Visual Arts Center. The image to the left shows how this feature appears to bridge vistors. Leonardo da Vinci invented this technique, which allows the viewer to see an image as trompe l'oeil - or "fool the eye" - from only one particular spot, usually at a sharp angle to the wall. From other vantage points, the image is so distorted as to be almost unrecognizable. Looking at this image on your screen from a sharp angle above and to the left (you can also tilt your monitor screen down and to the right) will reveal the image correctly. It also appears correctly below.

One of the most famous existing anamorphic projections was painted on the ceiling of the Church of the Gesú, in Rome, Italy, in the late 1600s. The optimum viewing point is marked with an X on the floor there. For Archangel, the X on the floor will be inside The Delaplaine Visual Arts Center gallery near the window from which the photo below was taken. The entrance to the Delaplaine Center is located behind the viewer as they stand in front of this image. The model for the image was a ten year old girl who loves the bridge, was noticed while visiting it, and has now become a part of it.

The word anamorphosis comes from the Greek word "ana," meaning change, and "morphe," meaning shape, and implies a transformation the viewer him or herself effects by shifting his or her own perspective. About Archangel, the artist said,

"Where we stand determines what we see. A shift in perspective is what the bridge project is all about. Exploring Community Bridge, with all the ideas from thousands of people, is like climbing a mountain. It provides a new perspective on the human condition.

To be human is to feel alone in the universe. Everyone seeks to connect with others, everyone tries to connect, almost making many more connections, or almost trying. There can sometimes be a sense of frustration and even despair if you feel you are the only one who is really trying. Community Bridge shows that everyone values connection as much as we do. How easily paint can fool the eye is a metaphor for how easily we are fooled by surface differences in people like attitude, race, language, gender, religion, the list is endless. These apparent differences lock us into stereotypes of who we can or should connect with.

Exploring Community Bridge is like climbing a mountain, gaining a new perspective. Where are our hearts? Why not put them on the mountain? And see that everyone values connection just as much as we do. We always have a choice to find a bridge, build a bridge, walk across a bridge."

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