Clasped black and white hands

Clasped hands as a symbol for the spirit of community was the largest single category of responses, submitted by more than 125 people. More than twenty of them specified black and white clasped hands. Multi-racial imagery of all kinds was one of the most often repeated responses from the Frederick communty, outranking even the clustered spires, Frederick's signature symbol. The border around this symbol is taken from the traditional African knot design on a Boshongo drum. One comment was, "The spirit of community is when the people of all origins and different backgrounds come together in peace." Others "clasped hands" ideas were labeled simply "friendship." Another person issued an invitation: "Come make our chain bigger."

Pictured here are about one-quarter of the
people who suggested "clasped hands" around
the medallion that depicts their symbol.

Becky Adams
Samin Adib
Carol Antoniewicz
Darlene Aulls
Lindsay Baker
Jennifer Beach
Christina Bellino
Charles Benet
Christopher Breuer
Tina Bickmore
Rachel Biser
Jeremy Bingham
Ramone Bowing
David Brenner
Tammy Brock
Carter Caldwell
Elaine Campagnoli
Heather Chaney
Stephanie Channing
Doug Chappell
Carolyn Chiantella
Lauren Chrisman
Rebecca Colby
Wade Collins
Travis Condor
Mike Conners
Alicyn Cratty
Michelle Davis
Daybreak Resident
Lauren Dobay
Sadie Draper
Jan Euler
Bill Ferguson
Melissa French
Retta Finn
Carol Fisher
Lori Fraind
Maura Gilligan
Kim Girton
Ronald Gouns
Bruce Gruber
Krista Haines
Lawrence Harms
Cherie Henny
Malynda Herbert
Eva Lou Hinds
Daniel Hoffman
John Holly
Judy Houck
Katie Hudspeth
Eliza Hull
S. Ingram
Christy Kelly
Charity King
Kristina Koepke
Ed Kurz
Mary Lae
Kaytlin Lapsa
Deidre Lewis
Jane Lindsay
David Lingg
John Long
Dail Luciani
Todd Magdaleno
Pauline Manalo
Megan Masser
Francis Matta
Jennifer McClure
Toni McKeown
Erin McNeill
Matthew Metzger
Sarah Mills
Jim Moloney
Brittany Moore
Lauren Morrow
Angie Muir
Ashley Muse
Christie Oberholzer
Ian Oland
Megan Owens
Laura Paris
Jon Pees
Matt Piontek
Peggy Pilgrim
Jessica Polidor
Zachary R.
Kitty Reid
Casey Rhinaman
Charles Ricketts
Kelly Riordan
Pat Rosensted
Kathy Schultze
Craig Seiminski
Heather Shanhottzer
Edward Shelton
John Sica
Ashley Sims
Sarah Sines
Meagan Smith
Brian Spinnler
Charlie Spring
Judy Springer
Thomas Sterner
Marty Strones
Katy Tamagna-Darr
Eric Timmons
Cathy Toney
Joyce Tsikerdanos
David Whitaker
Barbara & Bob Williams
Ike Wilson
Josette Witan
Gustin Y.
Candace Younkins
Several Anonymous

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