Clustered Spires

Churches, crosses, the clustered spires and other religious imagery make up about 4% of the responses to the Outreach so far. Religious symbols were offered because they represent "the churches' service to the people" and the ability to worship as one chooses. "The highest point seen as you enter a city often determines its priority," was one comment. Another person said that, "What makes a community is the sharing of a common purpose or ideal. One of the most fundamental of purposes is that of faith." Clustered spires were also suggested because of their history in Frederick - "in 1860 there were 10 churches already - more than in any other area at the time," one person wrote. The border is a braid, symbolic of all the types of people who live in Frederick.

Phoebe Anderson
Mark Baldwin
George Bathel
Sherie Bartholomew
Rick Bausum
Christine Bowersox
Zack Brooks
Megan Buckler
Jim Butters
Katrina Carter
Matt Covat
Serene Collmus
Joanne Dupuie
Peter Faville
Retta Finn
Anne Friendman
JoAnne Gammon
Laura Grimes
Joy Gurley
Carroll H.
Amy Harlow
John Harp
Christina Hartfield
Bradley Harris
Kenesha Hodges
Daniel Hoffman
Mitch Hose
Omar Kapur
Irene Koehler
Keith Kintz
Leanne Lash
Hope Lawson
Hung Le
David Lingg
Daybreak Resident
Mindy Linton
Paul Marks
Mary Mathews
Robert McClellan
Jenna Miller
Megan Morgan
Maurice Moore
Brian Mulligan
Claude Myers
Jeanne Nesbitt
Michael O'Brien
Sonia O'Neal
Tee Pelora
Emely Phelps
D. Poindexter
Norman Price
Colleen Remsburg
Tracy Santucci
Jim Seale
Sylvia Sears
Maggie Seyedin
Hazel Smith
Frances Tucker
Susanna Vanover
Brian Van Rect
Several Anonymous

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