Praise for Community Bridge

Community Bridge.. is a monument to human communion.
          New Age Journal

It tricks the eye, dazzles the mind, and warms the soul.
          Associated Press

A truly amazing demonstration of the artistic, collaborative possibilities of the web. Kennedy Center/ArtEdge Community Bridge is so astonishingly unusual that, at first, it is difficult to see its many dimensions. You've got to read the story behind it to get the full impact of its quietly creative audacity.
          Netsurfer Digest

This is the kind of project that should be done all over the country
          Francoise Yohalem, public art consultant, Rockville, MD.

Twenty-five years ago advocates for public art used words like beautification, quality of life, design integrity... Projects like Community Bridge have upped the ante considerably. These days, it is not uncommon to hear terms like conflict resolutions, economic development and community revitalization . . . they dramatically raise the stakes and broaden the playing field for public art.
          Bill Cleveland, Director, Center for the Study of Art and Community

Community Bridge ... has been tremendously successful at redirecting public and private interest downtown, building a broad sense of ownership and creating a catalyst for reinvestment. It is a cultural touchstone, a gathering area, a bridge between groups and constituencies. The community spirit it created provided a foundation for the success for the many projects that followed it.
          Richard Griffin, Excecutive Director, Greater Frederick Development Corporation

What I find remarkable about the Community Bridge project is its ability to reach out locally and globally with a very clear purpose and process for participation while maintaining the highest artistic integrity.
          Jack Becker, managing editor, Public Art Review

As one who has dealt with art and its relationship to society since the 1960s, I have not experienced a more successful effort in dealing with issues of race, ethnicity and community participation.
          Floyd Coleman, Chair, Art Department, Howard University

For any artist working on a project that involves the community, this is the project to see and these are the people to talk to.
          Rita Bartolo, public art administrator, Arlington, VA

Community Bridge is a clear demonstration of public art at its best - the highest quality of art and a community completely engaged.
          Cindy Kelly, public art consultant, Baltimore, MD

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