William Cochran's temporary artwork - from which Shared Vision took its name - graced the west face wall of the bridge from August 1993 to May 1995. It remains intact beneath the cementitious panels on which the bridge mural is painted. The temporary artwork was funded by Emporium Antiques, located at the north end of the bridge, and it was created in order to convey the artistic intent of the bridge mural.
Shared Vision: Public Art for Community Transformation

"Within each of us is the energy to remake our world. Shared Vision leverages that energy as a catalyst for community transformation."

Shared Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by William and Teresa Cochran.

Shared Vision creates monumental public artworks of exceptional quality that engage the public directly in their making. We harness the combined imaginative power of thousands of people to build a potent force for the revitalization of cities and communities.

In 1998, we completed a Community Bridge that transformed a city and touched the world. In the process, Shared Vision rewrote the rules for public art, pioneering a new method to inspire and unite communities and generate economic strength. Now Shared Vision is conducting a national search for a site on which to build the next international symbol of our shared humanity.

Shared Vision is not just a name. It is a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to community building. Shared Vision forges partnerships with every segment of the community to energize social, cultural and economic renewal. The community and artists working in participatory synch make the artwork truly extraordinary, attracting attention and participation from around the globe and drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The art provides an avenue for many voices from diverse backgrounds to join together to illuminate the common ground that underlies our differences. In the process, community perceptions are shifted, breaking down barriers that limit and separate, unleashing creativity, and opening many new possibilities for the future. It is a process we call co-creation, and it is why Shared Vision projects become much more to a community than just a spectacular work of public art.

The grand artistic statements of a Shared Vision project have a very broad appeal. Tens of thousands of people visit the work in progress, and, with the extensive media attention they draw, hundreds of thousands visit the completed work over time, providing for a wide range of direct and indirect economic benefits. They can catalyze private developer interest in underperforming areas, and can serve as a vibrant centerpiece for downtown redevelopment and cultural renewal.

Shared Vision public artworks are important contributors to social growth and change, influencing perceptions of the community and of one's place in the world. They instill self-confidence and pride, encouraging tradition, modernity and diversity to thrive side-by side. Because their themes are drawn from the creative input of the public, they extend social benefits deeply into each segment of the community, and they highlight the strengths and benefits of living in a pluralistic society.

Democracy is built on the tolerance for and inclusion of multiple viewpoints, and Shared Vision uses these diverse perspectives to illuminate common ground. We create dynamic partnerships between arts, culture, education, tourism, and development to create a more integrated approach to public art making and contribute to progressive change in society.

Shared Vision has launched a nationwide search to site the next monumental work of participatory public art that will become an international symbol of our shared humanity. The work will draw creative input from individuals across the United States and around the world. It is expected to attract national media attention and draw millions of visitors during its creation and the first few decades of its lifespan.

To see if your city qualifies for consideration, contact William Cochran at wcochran@erols.com

List of Current Participants

Praise for Community Bridge

Teresa Cochran
It has been exhilarating to watch people come together - all the people who gave their ideas, those who donated their services or time, particularly the people who found a deeper understanding of themselves and their connection to others.

Teresa was cofounder of Shared Vision and served as a volunteer executive director for more than two years. She continues to serve on the board of directors. In addition, she spearheaded the Bridge Builders Outreach and a number of other large projects. Teresa works as a project manager for Ann Burnside Love & Associates, a marketing and public relations firm in Frederick.

Shared Vision is deeply grateful to Skyline Network Technologies, Inc for the gift of this web site and its ongoing maintenance, to Imagination Center for two years of computer graphics support, to Ann Burnside Love, & Associates for the production of the award-winning book on which this site is based, and to photographers Kurt Holter and Brenda Cole, for their strong contributions to Community Bridge.

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