Cochran says: "I want to hear from you! I hope to paint this medallion and several others located under Community Bridge with ideas from this web page. But you must respond quickly, because time is short. Trust your imagination and send me your idea!"
The Artist Wants to Collaborate with You!

The artist will choose some ideas submitted to this web site to become part of this permanent artwork. Many have already been incorporated. What object represents the spirit of community to YOU? On this page you can give us your idea, and it will be sent directly to the artist's desk. Click here to see guidelines the artist follows to choose ideas. Click here to see some ideas submitted to this web site so far (ideas may be edited). Your idea is as important as anyone's. Type it in the box below and click on send. Add your e-mail address so that the artist can contact you if he has questions about your idea. You are welcome to add personal information such as your age or occupation, and please give us your comments about this project. The artist is also exploring the idea of public art bridge transformations around the world, each bridge created by the finest artist of each country, using ideas submitted by people like you. Watch this site for news of this concept, and give us your views on it below. Thank you for helping to build Community Bridge. You have become a part of the art just by exploring this web site.

What object represents the spirit of community to you?

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