Many ideas were received from foreign countries, most of them via this web site. Some echoed ideas sent in by Frederick residents, though nearly always with a new perspective to share. Others were one of a kind. A sampling appears below.

  • IFOR symbol - A soldier in Bosnia heard about Community Bridge from a fellow soldier who read about the project in a Florida newspaper. Sgt. Angel T. Carroll said "My idea is the IFOR symbol of the international peace-keeping force that brought peace to the former Yugoslavia. It shows what can happen if we all just work together."

  • Basket of fruit - "Fruit and vegetables represent the spirit of my community -- Mexico!!!"

  • Child - This image was suggested by a mother in South Africa, who sent a photo of her child that was used by the artist to paint this symbol

  • Emoticon - "I have fallen in love with this Community Bridge over the net. I wonder if some kind of futuristic symbol that represents reaching out as I am doing now on the computer."

  • Christmas Wreath - "Represents a sheltered environment and shared feelings."

  • The sun - "The sun reaches all of us, no matter [if] we are rich, poor, young or old. The sun is shared by all mankind and animals and plants.

    Also: "The sun links all human kind. We are all dependant on it for survival. Fantastic project. Projects like your Community Bridge are an inspiration. I have not enjoyed a web site, nor learned as much from a web site as I have from this. Brilliant. Thank you for bringing this to my living room."

    Also: One man on his deathbed said the sun and moon linked together represented community to him because he saw the sunrise once over the ocean while the moon was still up and so the light never went away. He said he stopped being afraid of death when he realized that the light would never go away for him. The light was fellow cancer patients who would come whenever he needed them to, in the middle of the night if necessary. He said, "They were the light that never went away."

  • Water - "Water is the source of life. And man is made of mostly water. Like air, without water there could not be life. H2O! It is the true bridge that flows with the spirit of the world community."

  • Plate with Hands - "My idea is one plate which a lot of hands on it. In my country, harmony or unity is the ideal form of community, because we used to work together. The Plate is the symbol of community space, and the hand, symbol of unity of one community. Thanks for allowing me a place to express my idea."

  • Fish - "I think that to me the community is the most important part of this bridge and we can't forget the fish. I like fish."

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